The Daily Sketch, Fleet Street, London. 1953. image supplied by British Pathé.

Ford AVO (Advanced Vehicle Operations, Aveley, Essex, UK) 1970. Gordon Mackenzie (Vice President of Sales, Ford of Europe), Walter Hayes, Bill Bourke (Chairman, Ford of Europe), Stuart Turner (General Manager of AVO and Motorsport Director, Ford of Britain).

During his four years based in Detroit, 1980-1984, Walter Hayes lived in Ann Arbor. He brought with him his UK street-legal company car, a GT40.

Lord March organised a cricket match as part of the inaugural Festival of Speed weekend in 1993. Players and umpires included: Doug Nye, Dario Franchitti, Bob Bondurant, Hans Hugenholtz, Alain de Cadenet, Paul Vestey, Robert Brooks, Brian Redman, Jack Sears, David Clark, Murray Walker, Walter Hayes, Dickie Attwood, Lord March, Dudley Mason Styron, Adrian Hamilton, Derek Bell, Sir Jack Brabham and Dan Gurney.

Walter and Elizabeth Hayes, at Lord Montagu of Beaulieu’s 70th birthday party.

The 1998 scorecard, with Hayes’s entries. The players: Brian Redman, Jack Sears, David Clark, Paul Vestey, Doug Nye, Bob Bondurant, Alain de Cadanet, Lionel Webber, Valentine Lindsay, Robert Brooks, Mark Beattie, Lord March, Sir Jack Brabham, Richard Atwood, Marcus Robertson, Dan Gurney, Derel Bell, Andrew English, Ben Collings, Dudley Mason-Styron, Steve Edwards and Adrian Hamilton. The Duke of Richmond & Gordon, Murray Walker and Walter Hayes umpired.