Angelica the Bewitching Witch Walter Hayes

Angelica – the Bewitching Witch
Walter Hayes
illustrated by Sara Leighton
Leslie Frewin
copyright of Richard and Jeremy Hayes, and Sara Leighton

the jacket copy:

Have you ever met a witch? Probably not, but you think you know what one looks like – an evil old woman with dirty teeth, a tattered cloak and a cackle instead of a laugh. Well, you’re wrong. They may not always look very pretty, but witches are really very nice and kind. The trouble is people have been brought up to think that all witches are evil and all fairies are good.

That just isn’t true, and a little while ago, at the Annual Conference of the Mighty International Association of Witches – MIAOW for short – the delegates voted to send a new kind of witch out into the world to tell people the truth. And so Angelica is ‘happened’.