Two TWR design concepts. photos of the second car, “TAX GT”, by Walter Hayes.

An early DB7 sketch 1992

An early TWR Design DB7 sketch, from 1992. During his 2017 Walter Hayes Memorial Lecture, Ian Callum said: “We went back and created the convertible. I have to tell you, it’s easier to do the convertible first and do a coupe afterwards, which I’ve found out since, but we managed to create what I think is quite a handsome convertible.”

Walter Hayes, Sir David Brown and the Aston Martin DB7.

DB7 at the RAC Club 1

The 1993 Geneva Show DB7, in the RAC Club for the 2017 Walter Hayes Memorial Lecture.

Lagonda Vignale Pebble Beach 1993

The Aston Martin Laguna Vignale concept, on show at the 1993 Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance. It was designed by Ian Callum’s brother, Moray. Ian said in his 2017 Walter Hayes Memorial Lecture (elsewhere in this archive): “Walter had built, at Ghia, this Lagonda Vignale. I found out a week before the Geneva show. The Geneva Show was a big occasion. But what was really good for me is, up on the Ghia stand, the hall upstairs, was this Lagonda Vignale that my brother designed, and there was a model of it behind my car, and that lovely picture of myself and my brother, with the DB7 and the model of the Vignale behind it, which we framed and gave to my mother. Autocar took that.” 

Lagonda Vignale engine Easthampton, New York, 1993

The Lagonda Vignale’s V12, on show at an Aston Martin event in Easthampton, New York, in 1993.

Sir David Brown Innes Ireland Roger Stower Walter Hayes Newport Pagnell 1993

Sir David Brown at Newport Pagnell on his 89th birthday in 1993. Innes Ireland (who both raced and sold Aston Martins), Sir David Brown, Roger Stowers and Walter Hayes. photo courtesy and copyright of Aston Martin.

Nick Fry Edsel Ford II Bruce Blythe Walter Hayes

The Ford family interest in Aston Martin remained strong in the years following Henry Ford II’s decision that Ford should become a part-owner of the company. Nick Fry, the Aston Martin managing director, talks to Edsel Ford II (the son of Henry Ford II), Bruce Blythe, Ford’s chief strategy officer and a director of Aston Martin, Walter Hayes and David Graham. photo courtesy and copyright of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust.

Ian Macgregor Sir Jack Brabham Walter Hayes Roy Salvadori Carroll Shelby Tony Brookes

A re-union of four Aston Martin DBR1 drivers. Ian Macgregor, Sir Jack Brabham, Walter Hayes, Roy Salvador and Carroll Shelby (who won the 1959 Le Mans 24 Hour Race for Aston Martin) and Tony Brookes.

Elizabeth Hayes, Lady Paula and Sir David Brown, Walter Hayes

Elizabeth Hayes, Lady Paula and Sir David Brown, Walter Hayes. photo courtesy and copyright of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust.