Letter from Arjay Miller
about ‘Henry. A Life of Henry Ford II’ by Walter Hayes

July 8, 1990

Dear Walter:

First let me thank you for having your publisher send me a copy of your excellent book on Henry. In my opinion, you have captured the essence of the man far better than any one else has ever done, or ever will do. In addition to content, you have a great writing talent. Reading your book has brought back many fond memories, and has been a real joy. Again, congratulations.

Best wishes always,


Arjay Miller was President of Ford in 1963, on its Board of Directors from 1962 to 1986, and a consultant to the company until 2012. In 1969 he was appointed Professor of Management at Stanford Business School, which he transformed over the next ten years. Today he is Dean Emeritus;  the academically top ten percent of the graduating MBA class at Stanford Business School are designated ‘Arjay Miller Scholars’.